Light panting is  long exposure photography where the lighting is ‘painted’ into the scene by the photographer using flashlights, fireflies, sparklers, burning steel wool, fireworks, etc. So long as the photographer stays in motion, he is not picked up by the cameras sensor.  The last photo is a process involving manipulating the out of focus area of a photograph (also known as ‘Bokeh’). By placing a cover over the front of the lens with a heart cut-out, any light coming in is manipulated to take that shape. The hearts are actually Christmas lights. The only photoshopping here is colour adjustment.

My friend and talented photographer, Matt VanderVelde aka ThirdEye Photography, has been playing with different techniques of light painting had has had some amazing results. Make sure you check out more of his work here!

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  1. Light Paintings by ThirdEye Photography | Joindahunt.

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