I spend a lot of time searching for the perfect things to post. I have my go-to blogs and sites and thought I would share them with you! Below are just a few of my favorites. Make sure you check em’ out!

Imagination For Breakfast – A tumbler visual blog that not only has some sleek creative, but just beautiful things in general.

Colossal – Blog showcasing mostly art and design. You will always find something different and awesome here.

Design you trust – An online design, art, photo and anything in between community where anyone can post. This is a great hub for finding new places to inspire.

HiConsumption – Gadgets, inventions and cool stuff in general. Anything random and fun is found here.

His Potion – Similar to HiConsumption, this site/blog features gadgets and all things cool “for men”. I’m not a guy, but I happen to think there are some awesome finds on this site.

The dsgn Blog – Beautiful brands and all things design found here. Defiantly one of my favorites.

Pinterest – Pinterest is an amazing resource for finding just about anything. Design, home, gadget, whatever-related.

Serifs & Sans – Brands, packaging and just beautiful design inspiration found here.

I’m constantly looking for new places to find inspiration to share. What are your favorite go-to resources? Please comment below!




This past weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving. I love giving myself time to reflect and recharge while being surrounded by loving family and incredible friends. What are you thankful for?

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