&inspire has been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by fellow blogger, Amy Lynn Hayes of Créatrice Mondial and is pretty excited about it. With the nomination comes some things that follow, so below are my 15 nominations and 7 things about myself.


Créatrice Mondial – Where travel meets design. Also the blog that nominated &inspire!

Oh So Beautiful Paper – A gorgeous blog showcasing all things letterpress.

Free York – Showcasing a little bit of everything from beautiful photography to the fun and random.

Serifs & Sans – A beautiful design blog showing some incredible work.

Design Milk – Sleek, modern and overall class, this blog showcases architecture and design of all kinds.

Dalai Karma – Showcasing fun and interesting illustrations that speak all things comic book geek and beyond.

Colossal – A collection of stunning art and photography finds.

The Toast Post – Cinnamon Toast New Media is the agency that gave me my start in the world of graphic design. Their Toast Post has some interesting design related articles and thoughts that are defiantly worth checking out!

Creattica – An inspiration mecca for all things design.

Proof Morgan Can Dream Stuff Up – Mastermind behind the fantastic Houndworthy, Morgan has some fantastic ideas and outlooks which he showcases in this tumbler blog.

Hispotion – A blog directed towards men showcasing design, gadgets and more.

et al.lison – A beautiful collection of photography and design.

Hello Fig – This blog shows off some really interesting and creative collages.

99U – Articles and more made to inspire and get your mind moving.

Bragg – A blog by Ottawa design agency Character Creative.

7 Things About Myself!

1. If I could be anywhere at this exact moment it would be atop a mountain in Alberta overlooking a place called Peyto lake. And I would probably never leave, and that may become a problem….maybe.

2. I have a Rottweiler Husky mix named Skye. She is basically a rottie with blue eyes. There may be a human stuck in that rottie body because she is just too silly to be a normal pup.

3. I am a traveler at heart. As a kid my family traveled all over the world and I wish that never stopped. Someday I will make sure I cross off every destination on my ever growing list.

4. I hate cotton balls. Its an irrational discomfort that makes my skin crawl and makes me want to barf. Yes, it’s strange. Just writing this is making me feel icky.

5. I love music. Of all kinds but within the last year have immersed myself into electronic music thanks to some pretty awesome DJ’s I happen to know. None of this mainstream stuff for me. Deep house and tech-house is where it’s at.

6. With the love of music comes my love of dancing. Anywhere, anytime. It’s not unusual for me to just start doing a little wiggle in line at the grocery store. Love it.

7. Appreciating the little things. People don’t realize how much they are missing out in the world by not stopping to just appreciate something that would usually be overlooked. There is so much in this world that is absolutely incredible and should be soaked up. These things not only make me feel like there is so much more to everyday, but they inspire and push me to think outside the box. Try it!

I hope I did this right! Thank you again to everyone who follows &inspire!
– A

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  1. You did this perfectly! Thank you for participating, and I look forward to checking out all of your nominations! 🙂


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